Your Story Is For His Glory!

Romans 8:35 | “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?”

Someone had been talking to me about Him on that very day; at about 3pm, on a Thursday afternoon. And as the talk progressed, I saw Him. I saw Him in the room where I was, seated on a throne, towards the window. He was clothed in white. Everywhere was sparkling white. White as the wool and the clouds. The room appeared to be filled with smoke. The presence was so thick you could touch it. The atmosphere was electrifying. 

His eyes were like fire. I could barely look at Him. But then, there was this tenderness in them. They were filled with love; and He looked tenderly and longingly at me. It felt as though the fire from His eyes pierced through me, melting my cold and stony heart. His love broke me apart. I couldn’t stop crying. 

My life was laid out before me. I saw my rottenness, wretchedness, and unworthiness, in the light of His presence; in the beauty of His holiness. My heart was broken at my betrayal of such unrelenting and undeserving love, all these years. I found myself at His feet, wrapped in his warmth embrace, weeping uncontrollably for hours. 

I was amazed that, like in the case of the Samaritan woman at the well, He had been waiting for me all these years; inspite of my waywardness; to come to know His love. The only true love that is so pure and holy. 

He never said a word to me though. He just relished my presence at His feet; the fact that I made it back to him. I felt so peaceful and at home. All I could mumble intermittently amidst the tears were, “Lord I’m sorry! Thank you Lord!”

My life took a new turn from that moment. Everything changed. I was filled with such ecstasy and power. The forces and things that held me down instantly lost their power over me! I had seen Jesus! I had become a child of God! I then knew that nothing in this world would be able to separate me from His love. 

This is my story. And the Lord says it’s for His glory. You too have a story, that will end in His glory. So, regardless of what your story is now, you are not beyond the reach of God’s love and mercy. Nothing can separate you from His love! May He show up for you! Hallelujah!

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Every Financial Favour Friday offering is a Love Gift to the Holy Spirit.
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