Your Righteousness Is A Person

Recently, I made a mistake and the devil came to cash in on it. As you know, he always hangs around and snoops around in search of loopholes in people’s lives. How I knew he was around was the speed at which he just swooped in on me. He began to accuse me and make feel terrible about myself. The bible refers to him as the accuser of the brethren. He takes delight in laying blame on folks. He enjoys exposing your faults.

The devil is very good at coming at you with your flaws. He’s good at pointing the finger. “Just look at you, ” He’ll jeer. “You claim to be a Christian, and now see what you did; how can you say that you’re a child of God and this is happening to you?” He’s very good at collecting negative information about you. He stores up these data against you, waiting to catch you at an unguarded moment, and then starts lashing out at you.

He really came at me viciously. At that moment, however, I heard myself saying, “Satan, my righteousness is not an act, my righteousness is a person. It’s Jesus Christ.”

I knew right away that that came straight from the Holy Spirit. In that very moment, it dawned on me that my righteousness is disconnected from what I do and what I don’t do; my righteousness is a person.

Some day in your life you’re going to slip up and the devil will try to use that to condemn you. That is why in His wisdom, God disconnected your righteousness from your acts. According to the Scriptures, you have received the gift of righteousness; so, your righteousness is not what you do or what you don’t do; your righteousness now is a person.

My righteousness is a person; your righteousness is a person. His name is Jesus Christ.