Your Prayer Is Ripe! The Answers Are Ready To Drop!

It’s another Prayer Connect season! So far, we’re really having a great time in the presence of the Holy Spirit! Hope you’ve been blessed so far?

Just before this season started, the Holy Spirit reminded me of what Prayer Connect is really about. He took me back two years to the first days of Prayer Connect. In those first days He blew my mind by showing me that He had already decided to favour people; that I was merely His chosen vessel to press the release button!

“Never forget that,” He said.

Then He reiterated that what he has sent me to do was simply to release answers to prayers that are ripe to drop. He told me that a lot of ripe answers to prayers will be released during this season.

I am just His messenger sent to press that prophetic trigger button to release ripe answers to prayers.

He let me know that during this season lots and lots of prayers will be answered. The results will be shocking.

I am really expecting phenomenal answers to prayers during this season. I encourage you to be expectant as well.

You see, prayer is like a seed. Every time we pray, God hears. Every time we pray, God hears.

Let me repeat that one more time:

Every time we pray, God hears.

He always hears you.

Now, it may not seem as though He heard you. But He did. He heard you the very moment you prayed.

However, after you pray, a lot of things have to go on behind the scene to prepare and produce the perfect answers to your prayers; answers that will make you rich and add no sorrows; answers that will not violate God’s ways; answers that will not violate God’s will for your life.

This means that you may not see the manifestations of your answer immediately.

Your prayer is like a seed. When you plant your seed in the spirit it has to take root. Then it needs to grow, to branch out, flower and produce fruits. This may take some time.

And then comes the harvest season. Your prayer is ripe. The answers are ready to drop. That’s when God’s prophetic messenger shows up and starts to declare the living words of the Spirit to release the ripe answers.

I believe we’re in one of those seasons during this 2019 Prayer Connect season 2. Miracles, blessings and favours will be dropping into peoples lives during this season.

A lot of long overdue answers to your prayers will be dropping into your life this season.

If you believe, then type in your amen and make sure you don’t miss even a single episode of this 2019 Prayer Connect season 2!