Your Network Is Your Networth

Mark 1:37 NIV | “And when they found him, they exclaimed: “Everyone is looking for you!”

I’m sure you’re conversant with this popular saying that, ‘your network is your networth’. It’s the world’s way of saying that your success is directly proportionate to the kind of relationships in your life. It talks about unlocking the hidden powers of connection.

Now, that’s not far from the truth. Your most important network, however, is with the Lord. He is your strategic connection. Everyone sought for Jesus after He came back from communing with the Father. Intimacy with the Holy Spirit confers on us privileges that the world runs after.

Your success is not dependent on your connections, nor on the economy of your country. It is dependent on your connection with the Holy Spirit. The weight of Her glory on you is what makes your life substantial and attractive. But if you ignore Her, you’d be like the pagan world, chasing after men and things. May God forbid that!