Your Life Will Not Make Sense This Year!!

Get ready for God to blow your mind with signs and wonders that will confound the logical mind!

The foolishness of God is wiser than men!

Think about that. Because God doesn’t often make sense to our logical minds. He made that very clear to us yesterday during the ongoing Wildfire Retreat.

If you expect God to always make sense to you, if you expect to understand God’s ways all the time, you won’t get very far with Him. It’s much better to trust Him and flow with Him; whether it makes sense or not.

He has given us His word that He will provide. Then, He gave us the word that He will multiply our channels of divine supplies. And just yesterday evening He added another one:

Your life this year will not make sense to the logical human mind. This will be as a result of the supernatural miracles of God that will happen in key areas of your life.

Just get ready for God to blow your mind this year!