Your History Now is A History of Perfection

A sinless past: One of the astounding realities of the New Creation is that if you are in Christ, you have a new past! Jesus Christ didn’t just die on the cross to give you a future and a new hope; He actually died to deal with your past.

His death on the cross was the death of our sinful past. His death on the cross was the extermination of our flawed past. He wiped off our inglorious past with His blood; and now He gave us a brand new record; He gave us a sinless life.

So your history now is a history of perfection. This is one of the most powerful aspects of the new creation realities.

Many Christians don’t yet get this. Most believers in the church today go through life oblivious of this powerful reality. And that is why the devil, true to form, is having a field day. He is an accuser of the people of God and, trust me, he’s having a good time in the lives of many Christians. He specializes in dredging up people’s past and telling them how rotten they are. The devil can dig up something that happened ten years ago just to try to tell you that you are worthless. However, when you understand what happened as a result of Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension to glory, you realize that Jesus has given you a new reality, and that reality is a sinless past.

So know today that if you are in Christ, you are sinless. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about it. The fact is that when you say you are sinless, a lot of folks are going to take issues with that. But that’s irrelevant; what should matter to you is that Jesus Christ has given you a sinless past. I’d like your heart to be established in this wonderful new reality of the new creation. Make sure you don’t let anyone or anything cheat you out of this blessing.

Now I’d like you to confess to yourself and say, ‘I have a sinless past. I am justified. My history is clean; my past is pure through the grace of Jesus Christ.’ Amen.