Your Heart First; Then Your Deeds

Rev. Wildfire's PodcastsThis is part of an ongoing series on Acceptable Worship. The core point of the series is that, regardless of the cost, any sacrifice that is not voluntary, cheerful, and borne out of affection, honour, and gratitude towards God, is absolutely worthless. Click here to subscribe to my thrice daily podcasts and listen to these messages anytime and anywhere.

Uncheerful worship is absolutely worthless.

Actions are usually visible to us: We can see that a man gave his car to the man of God. We can see that a woman came to the church by 5am and cleaned the place. We can see that someone woke up in the morning by 4am to preach the Gospel around the neighbourhood. We can see that a man, rather than feed his family with his hard-earned money, gave it all up for the Gospel. We can even see the philanthropic acts of men.

Actions are usually visible to us. The heart, however, is not. We can see what men do, but we can’t see their heart; their deepest motives and intentions.

By contrast, the One for Whom these sacrifices are meant, is able to see not just our actions, but our hearts as well.

“I the Lord I search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what His deeds deserve.”
~ Jeremiah 17:10

So, as far as God is concerned, it’s your heart first, then your deeds. God consults your heart first before He considers your sacrifice.  This is why Hebrews chapter 14 verse 28 says, “let us be thankful and so worship God acceptably”. For worship to be acceptable, it’s not just a matter of the sacrifice; it must proceed from a cheerful heart.

Uncheerful worship is absolutely worthless.

Are you thankful? Do your acts of worship come from a heart of gratitude? Do they come from a heart of thanksgiving towards God?