Your Desire Determines Your god.

Genesis 3:16(b)| “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”

You see the above verse is about the cause and effect of desire. Whatever you desire will rule over you. You will be a slave to your desire. Your desire determines your god. 

Throughout my walk with the Lord I have always experienced a powerful transformation when my desires are fully for Him. On the contrary when my desires are for other things I begin to experience stagnation in my spirit. I begin to feel trapped and miserable. 

Good news is that you can begin to ask the Spirit to search your heart and like King David said, “search me and know my heart”(Psalms 139:23). As things are revealed to you then that is a good place to bring to the Lord in prayer. You can ask Holy Spirit to remove any desire that is not from the Father. Ask Her to give you a heart that seeks and desires only God. If you truly pray this with a sincere heart, She will do it for you. Bliss is in you.