You Will End With Much!

Littleness and nothingness are God’s greatest raw materials. The whole of creation and everything else that we see today came out of the nothingness and emptiness.

Every now and then, our circumstances make us feel inadequate; like we got the short end of the stick from life. In whatsoever area of your life that you feel less and insufficient in, right now, God wants you to not be dismayed. He has programmed you for more. His power works best in your weakness. He wants you to, like the lone mustard seed, and the widow with her little oil, and the little boy with his lunch of fish and bread, courageously surrender your insufficiency and inadequacy to Him.

Nothing becomes something, and little becomes much, in His hands. Receive help to surrender, and watch God override every of your insufficiency with His all-sufficiency.

Job 8:7 | NLT “Though you started with little, you will end with much.”