You Have Enough Favour To Bless A Trillion Souls!

Always be mindful of the wonderful blessings you now have in Christ. Let these realities be established in your consciousness. Live your life daily with the awareness that the awesome realities brought into existence by Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension into glory are now yours to enjoy.

The danger of not being mindful of these realities is that we can undermine their manifestations in our lives. It is possible for someone, though he is in Christ, not to experience these marvelous blessings.

I will show you some of the practical ways that Christian folks unknowingly undermine these good things that are now ours through what Jesus Christ has done on the Cross. I will point them out to you with the aim of helping you to avoid these pitfalls in your own life.

Some time ago, someone came to my study and said to me, “Pastor Favour, I want to tap some favour from you.”  And I said to her, “How can you even be thinking about that? Do you know who you are? Do you know that you’re carrying God? Do you know that the Almighty is living in you? You have enough favour to power the universe. You have enough favour to bless the life of a trillion souls.”

But you know what?

I could have asked her to kneel down, patted her on the shoulder, and declared to her, “May the Lord favour you.”

I could have allowed her to continue thinking she needed to tap favour from me – a mighty man of God. But I would have dis-empowered her. Because then she can’t realize the full potential of her limitless new nature in Christ with that type of mindset. That paradigm will never allow her to manifest the variety of divinity that she was uniquely designed to express.

But unfortunately, this is what is going on in churches around the world today. Please pay attention to this: God lives in you and so you have all you need to realize the dream that God has put in your heart. You have enough favour to bless a trillion souls.