You Have Become A Life-Giving Spirit

If you are in Christ, Jesus has taken the limits of your old nature off you by giving you His divine nature. You have the nature of God and therefore, His capabilities.

My prayer as this teaching comes to you is that it will become your daily reality. I pray that you will operate from this awareness in everything you do. I pray that you will no longer function within the limitations of your old self; that you should put away. And I pray that you will begin to function within the limitlessness of your new self.

This nature of God given to us through Christ Jesus is so powerful that we are just beginning to understand its capabilities. In the book of First Corinthians, we see a little of the essential difference between the old self and the new self:

“So it is written: ‘The first man Adam became a living being’; the last Adam a life-giving spirit.”
~1 Corinthians 15:45

Here we see a little distinction between the nature of the old man, and the nature of the new man:

The first Adam- the old creation, the old self – became a living soul from the soil. From the mud, the dust of the earth, God made him a living soul.

On the other hand, the last Adam, that is Jesus Christ in whose image we should be walking, became a life-giving spirit. This is the very nature of God. God is not just a spirit; He is a life-giving spirit.

So if you are in Christ, you have become a life-giving spirit. You now have that nature of God and you can give life to anything around you. You can give life to any circumstance. You can give life to any reality around you.

I’d like you to reflect on that because it is very important. Once you get this, your fulfillment will multiply in leaps and bounds as you begin to give life to the world around you.