You Are A Divine Expression Shooting Through Time And Space

You didn’t just happen into this world. Your entrance into this world was never an accident. You are here by design. You are important in the grand scheme of things. God sent you from Himself. Your ministry, career, business, are merely expressions of your mission; of a unique variety of God that has never been known before by anyone.

“Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God.”                                                              ~ John 13:3

Jesus said in the above scripture that He came from the Father.  In the same way you are also from the Father.

You are an offspring of God. You’re shooting out from God, shooting through time. You are a divine expression shooting through time and space. That’s what you are.

You are an expression. You are a revelation. You are a manifestation of God. You are not a chance occurrence. You didn’t just appear from nowhere into this place. You are part of a grand design.

Let me pray for you

You will not complete your stay in this world without completing your mission.

You will not finish your stay in this world without fulfilling that for which you were sent.

I curse anything, any force, within or without you that is acting in your life to sabotage the revelation of God to you, in you, and through you. Let it wither from its root in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now boldly declare this:

“I will fulfil my mission!”

Hold on to this word and watch your life transforms into more glorious manifestations.