You Are So Much Better Than What Others Say

Let’s just say there is no mirror anywhere in the world, no river for you to peep into, and no human beings to tell you what you look like. Now, imagine that the only person available to tell you about yourself, shows you a picture or a video of a monkey with a long tail. He tells you that what you just saw, is you; that you are a monkey. He then proceeds to give you instructions like, “Jump on top of the tree, hook your tail on top of the branches of the tree and swing.” What would your experience be like if you tried to do that? Frustration, of course!

Unfortunately, ninety nine percent of human beings today are going through life doing exactly that. They are trying to be something they are not, because they have been described and defined by other people. They have accepted limits placed on them by others. Their expectations and experiences in life are decided by others’ definitions of who they are.

The good news is that you are not who others say you are. Their warped description and definition is not really who you are. You know your true identity when you walk into the presence of God. When you look into the word of God for yourself by the help of the Holy Spirit, you’re going to see God and that which you see before you is you.

In God’s presence, He reveals you to you. That is the aspect of Him that is expressed as you in time and space. It is important you get this. Meditate on this truth and allow it to permeate your consciousness.

You are so much better than what others say. Their perception of you, in no way describes your identity.  Don’t settle for less. Go into His presence and discover yourself.