You Can Turn Back the Hands of Time

Are there things you’ve done that make you feel greatly remorseful? Do you loudly wish you could turn the hands of time so you can correct your mistakes?

You are not alone. We in the Ideal Home Church have been in your shoes; and this was what we shared this week.

God brings you to that point where you can go back in time and correct your mistakes. He causes events to replay in your life so you can prove that it was all a mistake. This is one of the ways He restores your lost years.

Anytime you make a mistake despite your devout commitment to please God, waste no time in guilt, for the devil feeds on it. Run back to God – not away from Him. He cannot neglect your contrite and broken heart. Ignore those pictures of guilt the devil replays in your mind. That’s why Christ died for you (1 John 2:1-2; 5:14-15).

Now, quickly restart fellowship with God, but don’t stop there. Determine in your heart to take steps that’ll prove it was all a mistake – that you are better than that!

Essentially, it’s in your resolute effort to make it up to God that turn back the hands of time and correct your past.

Your future is strongly connected to your past. You can change your past. You can prove anybody wrong. He is a God of the second chance.

David, after his sin with Uriah’s wife, cried to God for forgiveness. But he didn’t stop there. He never, ever repeated such an act! And towards the end of his life, he utilized a rare opportunity and proved he was better than that! They brought him a young beautiful girl to keep him warm. But like a wounded lion that had waited for a lifetime to avenge his defeat, King David never slept with that girl (I kings 1:1-4).Thus he corrected his past.

Zacheus, in his remorseful bid to make it all up to God, vowed to repay fourfold to all whom he’d duped. Thus he changed his past.

Brace Yourself!

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