You Can Do All Things

It’s quite unfortunate that the modern church seems to be learning from the world, rather than transforming it.  She copies the methods of the world. It is so sad observing folks in church today adopt the strategies of the world unquestioningly.

Please understand this: The curriculum of the world is not the same as that of the church. Because when you’re looking at the world you’re looking at the natural man, you’re looking at what the Bible calls the ‘old self’. They have a different curriculum; there’s a particular pattern for them. They have methods that they adopt to achieve their personal goals. They have a different set of paradigms that work for them. But in the new creation, we’ve been born of Christ. We’re a new creation; we’re different. Our ‘old self’ has been crucified with Jesus and now a new man lives. We can’t continue anymore with the paradigm we had before we were given God’s nature through Jesus’ death on the cross.

For the natural man it’s all about his talent. It’s all about his gifts; what he’s talented to do. They tell you to find out what your natural passion is. Their emphasis is on what their natural talents can achieve.  And that’s okay for the natural man. But for the spiritual man, for the new man, the Bible says:

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”
~Philippians 4:13

You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you because this new man is created to be like God. In other words, God can come to you today and say do this or that. Your assignment from God comes from His word.  Your assignments come from His instructions, what He has told you to do. It is no longer a function of your natural talents because you can do all things. Your new self that is born of God is no longer limited by natural weaknesses. You can do all things.