You Are Wiser Than You May Be Aware Of

Who are you?

What do you look like? 

What can you do?

What are you capable of?

What is your character?

Your answers to the above questions construct your self-image and ultimately decide your destiny. The answers to the above questions should come only from God’s word, because that’s the authentic reflector of your self-image. Never allow the circumstances of your life to decide these answers for you. Folks around you shouldn’t make conclusions for you. You are from God and you are sent. You are an offspring of the Father.

If you are the offspring of the only wise God, then it means that there is wisdom in your spiritual DNA. So you can comfortably come up and say, “I am wise.”

Of course, you may slip and mess up sometimes. Then the devil will show up. And when he does and calls you an idiot, just remind yourself that you are an offspring of the only wise God; that you are wise and it has nothing to do with anything going on here.

You are wise! I’d like you to say that to yourself.

Now, repeat it again and again to yourself. Allow it to sink into your spirit.

Yes, you are wise; you really are.

The truth is that when you go through life thinking “I am wise”, it makes a lot of difference.