You Are The Rare

When I was newly born again it was so extraordinary. I had met the Lover of my soul and the One Who told me all about myself. I fell madly, passionately— over the hills in love with Jesus! I wanted everyone to know Him and and experience Him. 

Fast forward 11 years, I’ve come to the sad realization that many people do not want to know the Lord in all His love, presence and power. It’s a very sad but true discovery. But the good news is God will connect you with those rare souls so you can have blissful fellowship in Him and enjoy Him together. 

Blissful, that’s who you are. The rare. The unique. The remnant. The few. I am personally happy to be able to share this journey with you all. Today let’s take a moment and thank God for each of the Blissful’s. In your comments type a heartfelt prayer over one another. I love you all. Keep rising and shining and rule your day.