You Are One With God(1): Factory Reset

During this next series I will be opening your mind to a reality that will bring you into a new way of seeing yourself. This is a new revelation we received during the times of Renewal. So get ready to have your world rocked! 

The problem with receiving new revelation is the old revelation. It’s what Jesus was saying about the new wine and old wine skins. Today we don’t get that really because who has ever used a wine skin among us? I haven’t. But I’ll share with you how I see that.

What we need is a factory reset. When you are wanting to change phones you have to do a factory reset on the old one so that the new owner can add new information to the phone. A factory reset will completely wipe out all the old information so new information can come. 

Thank God for a factory reset so you can receive this new information from the Spirit about your identity. Get ready to go to your next form of glory!