You Are God’s Child

Mathew 17:25-27 | “What do you think, Simon?” Jesus asked. “From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes – from their own sons or from others?” From others,” Peter answered. Then, the sons are exempt, Jesus said to him.”

Think about that.
The sons are exempt. The children are free.

I don’t know what religion may have taught you over the years. I don’t know what your own experiences might have been. Whatever the case may be, God’s word to us blissfuls – His children, today, is that of hope, freedom, and grace. Come into agreement with Jesus, as we prophetically declare:

Prophetic Declaration:

  • Life is an experience; but not every experience is meant for me. 
  • God is my Heavenly Father, therefore, my case is different.
  • I am God’s child so, I’m not subject to the protocols and procedures of the world.
  • Where others sink, I will sail, and where there’s a casting down, I will be lifted.
  • Where there is doom, I will boom, and where there is gloom, I will bloom.
  • Grace speaks for me, therefore I expect to walk in the highways of favours, distinction. and miracles!