You Are An Inspiration of the Almighty— Time To Unlock Your Identity!

This is the fourth article in the ‘FRUIT’ series. Today I will define the fourth letter—I as Inspiration. 

BIBLE STUDY | John 7:38| “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’”

You can never be less than you are. The problem is many do not know who they are. 

The ‘FRUIT’ series is about self-discovery. When a seed is unlocked you unleash the identity as the fruit is unveiled. 

Everything you are is already in you. It has to be unlocked, then unleashed so you can be unveiled.

You can no longer hide,
All that you are is inside.
Its about to be unlocked,
Everyone will be completely shocked!

It’s been in there all along, 
Rising up as a new song.
Unleashing the mystery, 
Other’s discovering their identity. 

This is how it is told;
I’m speaking wisdom— manifold! 
You are an inspiration of the Almighty, 
This should never be taken lightly.

Reflection of Him you are, 
People will come from afar. 
Looking for Him to see,
They will find Him in you and me.

It seems I’m a Poetic Prophet 
He has seen fit to unlock it! 
Through this word that is told,
Your identity to unfold.

Living- waters are gushing,
People will come rushing! 
Desperately seeking their identity,
Now you are able to unlock infinity! 

As you discover yourself you will become an inspiration, unlocking others and helping them discover their identity.