You Are An Expression Of The Invisible God

Today I will define the third letter of SEEDS— E as EXPRESSION. 

Gen 1:11| And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their SEED, each according to IT’S KIND, on the earth.” And it was so.

As a SEED you come from “IT’S KIND”. “It’s kind” is another way of saying your Source. For example an apple SEED bears fruit to IT’S KIND—an apple tree.

I will share with you the most important information you will ever know. It comes from your knowledge of your Source. And it comes from this question: Who are you? 

Not many people can answer this question. It is not something you can just guess. It is something that comes from your Source. So, once you have defined your Source then you will be awakened to who you are.

If your Source is God Almighty then you came from Him, you are His SEED. That means you are an expression of Him. Although He is invisible, you are not. 

Just as you can “see” the parents in a child. If you are born of God He should be visible in you. 

Seek your Source.
He is the only One Who can reveal your course.
Once He is known,
It is Him that will be shown.
You are an expression of divinity,
it’s time to awaken your true identity.
Although He is invisible you see,
He longs to be expressed through you and me.

Today, release the deep cry in you to know your Source and purpose. Father, Who am I? Reveal my true identity to me. It’s You I want the world to see.