Hold this picture for a while in your mind…

~ a tree ~

Think of as many of it’s parts as you can possibly imagine – the trunk, bark, flowers, leaves, roots, branches, and so on.
Now move back a bit in time until you get to the point where that tree was a mere seed. Imagine now that you are holding that tiny seed in your hand, as I ask you this question:

~~ Where were the branches, trunk, bark, flowers, leaves, roots, and so on, at this seed stage of the tree’s life? ~~

“They were all within the seed,” you’ll probably answer, and you’d be right. They were all within that seed.
The leaves, trunk, bark, flowers, and other parts of a tree are not artificial or external additions to the tree, they are the expressions and manifestations (in time and space) of the life already contained within it’s seed.

Think about it.

The mystery of life

In the same way that all the parts of a tree are already contained in the single seed that gave rise to that tree, everything you need to realize your highest dreams and aspirations on earth – whether it be strength, peace, joy, wisdom, connections, or money – is already built into the life that’s in you! Everything you need to become the best that you were designed to be, is already contained in the life that’s within you.

So you already have everything!

The life inside you is a mystery. Some might prefer to call it spirit. It’s a potent creative force within you that is capable of expressing and manifesting itself in various forms. Everything you need to become who you were designed to be in eternity, time, and space, is already within the life in you.

You already have everything you need to realize your highest dreams and aspirations on earth – whether it be strength, peace, joy, wisdom, connections, or money – its already built into the life that’s in you! So emptiness is simply an illusion; it’s not real. Lack is an illusion; it’s not real.

You need to realize that success is not really a matter of receiving, it’s a matter of manifesting, and of releasing the fullness of the life within you. Personal fulfillment can only be realized to the degree that you translate the life within into tangible and intangible realities that positively impact and bless humanity.

Learn to look beyond mere appearances, behold the unseen, and manifest the invisible.

A fountain of unlimited inspirations lie within you!

The life within you is the inspiration of the Almighty.
A young man noted this several thousands of years ago.

“But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.”
Elihu, Job 32:8

This spirit, or life that is in you, is the offspring of divinity. Consequently, it has all of the potentials and capabilities of divinity. Have you been able to tune into it’s flow? Are you intimate with the life in you? Are you acquainted with the voice and pictures of this life?

Stop looking to men and their endless methods for your keys to happiness, personal success, and fulfillment. You’ll only weary yourself that way!
A wise man observed that:

“…of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.”
~ Solomon, Ecclesiastes 12:12

Most people are running helter skelter, going from this end to the other end, searching for methods to apply in order to achieve happiness, personal success and fulfillment. Yet, everything you are seeking is already built inside you! The spirit in you is a fountain of divine inspirations. You already have everything you need for happiness, personal success, and fulfillment built into the life within you.

What you need is to develop your real eyes.
Stop using only your physical eyes which cannot see true realities. Your physical eyes can only see in terms of limitations, constraints, emptiness, difficulties and challenges. It’s not your authentic sight. You need to develop and start using your authentic sight – your inner spiritual vision – to see that you already have everything you need within the life that is in you.

Develop the precious capacity to look within you, and begin to make contact with the divinity, the spirit, the fountain of unlimited inspirations within you.Ocean

Study to be quiet. Master the art of silence.
Learn to listen to your heart.
Learn to listen to inaudible sounds.
As the ocean teems with mysterious life forms, so does your spirit teem with magical solutions to the challenges of your daily life.

Spiritual and material polarizations of the mystery of life

Most people would want to alter the undesirable circumstances of their lives.
Who wouldn’t?
Yet, our very efforts to change our situations achieve so little, other than creating more complexities and problems. This is because we often try to alter undesirable circumstances by using mere external efforts based on the suggestions of external information. This approach can only lead to more struggle and suffering. This is an approach that subjects multitudes to the bondage of the ancient curse:

By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return
~ Genesis 3:19

Stop trying to alter the negative illusions of your life by using mere external efforts. That will only drag you into further struggling, suffering and frustration.

The right approach is to develop your pure inner and spiritual vision of the mystery of life within you.

This life began when God spoke in the eternal past!

“By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” ~
St. Paul, Hebrews 11:3

So the essence of all life in the universe is the word, breath, inspiration, or spirit of the Almighty God.
This word is the essence of the mystery of life and is the raw material of all visible substances.
The most striking thing, though is the truth that this life is in you!

So you already have everything you need within you!

This life in you is the positive polarity of reality. The visible side of reality, that is, the material, is simply the negative polarity. When you are able to substantiate the positive polarity of reality within you, you begin to attract, or get attracted to the material dimension or polarity of reality. It is the spiritual and mental substantiation of the mystery of life within you that determines what is added externally to you – what you attract, or manifest.

This substantiation occurs through the recognition and acknowledgment of every good thing within you – understanding, and being established in the awareness that you already have everything you need.

Life is first and foremost spiritual and so is success.
The spiritual is the positive polarity of life while the material is the negative. When you substantiate the spiritual in your mind, it begins to draw the other polarity – called manifestation or attraction – towards you.

You already have everything

The universe is a demonstration of abundance!
Abundance is a natural phenomenon. It’s scarcity that’s artificial and man made.
When you discover yourself and begin to operate in harmony with your own unique natural rhythm of life, your performance becomes sweatless and success attends you with little or no stress.

When you get up each day , use your inner spiritual vision to behold a paradise of abundance and glory all around you. Don’t see weakness, see strength. Don’t see fear, see courage. Don’t see scarcity, see abundance. Don’t see failure, see achievements. Don’t see defeat, see victory.

It is the reality that you see within that you manifest on the outside. So work on your ‘seeing’.

Stop accommodating thoughts of lack and impossibilities. Stop thinking small. Stop thinking fear. Stop thinking struggles and suffering. Think abundance, think courageously, and think boldly.

Develop your internal vision of the mystery of life to accommodate the revelation that you already have everything!

Simply because you do!


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