Worship Neutralizes Your Mistakes


If you are a worshipper of God in spirit and in truth, it will be absolutely impossible for your mistakes to destroy your destiny.

As a human being, wearing flesh and blood, you are bound to make lots of mistakes. You will certainly make several errors of judgement in the course of your life. You will make miscalculations in spite of your best intentions. You will make wrong moves and put a foot in the wrong spot once in a while. These mistakes will stir up negative counterforces. However, if you are a genuine worshipper, your mistakes will never be able to stop you.

Take a look at this revelation regarding worship:

“From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.”
~Psalms 8:2

Carefully note my emphasis. What this verse is actually telling us is that when God set up what we know as ‘praise’, He did not have Himself in mind; He had His enemies in mind!

Think about it.

God never set up praise just for us to raise Him up and glorify Him; He set it up to silence His enemies.

Two kinds of enemies are listed in that verse: the foe, and the avenger. The former refers to those that oppose you unlawfully – you didn’t earn their attacks. The later refers to legitimate enemies; you actually earned the enmity in this case. For somebody to come against you to avenge, you must have hurt bad to them. An avenger is a legitimate foe.

Pay attention to this: Whenever you make a mistake, you incur negative consequences; you invoke forces of revenge; forces that are going to come and punish you for those mistakes.

The psalm above, however tells us that when God set up praise, it’s so that He can silence the enemies that are attacking you for no fault of your own, as well as those ones that are attacking you for things you have done. God says, “when you praise me; I’m going to silence them both.”

You may not be able to avoid making mistakes in life; but, through worship, you can keep those mistakes and their consequences from sabotaging your destiny.

God has given us worship as a key to victory.