Worship Lifts You


When you begin to offer genuine worship to God by honoring Him with your substance, the quality of your life and performance in all spheres rises. You can raise the level of your game in any arena of life through worship.

The reason for this is that the moment you begin to worship God, He moves into what you’re doing; and once God moves into what you’re doing the quality rises.

God is the Spirit of excellence. He is the Spirit of wisdom. So, the moment He gets into what you’re doing the level of excellence, magnetism, favour, and charisma rises; everything just explodes.

At this point you begin to rise. Worship doesn’t just lift God; it also lifts you. When you worship God, He is not the only one being lifted and glorified. You are rising as well.

Genuine worship is a powerful and mysterious force.This is why God said in Deuteronomy 16:16, “…never appear before the Lord empty handed.”