Worship is Sacrifice


This is the third episode clip of the Genuine Worship Podcast. Here are the links to the previous episodes:

In the current episode, I present worship as Sacrifice.

We’ve been reflecting on the worship of the woman that brought broke an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume at the feet of Jesus. This is recorded in Luke 7:37, 38. Contrast her genuine substantial worship with the noisy emptiness goes on today in the name of worship. All over the world in our day, religious people flock in droves to churches and temples to worship God. Unfortunately, unlike the woman of our study, a lot of all that worship will be with words, and with songs. Our worship today tends to be a matter of just words – songs, and hymns.

And I think that this is rather unfortunate. When I reflect on the worship of the men of old – men like Abraham whom we’ll be studying in this series – I see that worshipping God just with words was alien to them. I don’t think they’ll refer to what we do today as worship. For them worship meant sacrifice. It was synonymous with sacrifice.

It is in these modern times that worship has become a matter of singing, a matter of words, and it has become meaningless.

Genuine worship, however, as I’ve already stated in this series, is never cheap. As we see in Mary’s breaking of the alabaster jar at the feet of Jesus Christ, genuine worship is costly. Genuine worship involves sacrifice. Genuine worship is expensive, and that’s a cardinal emphasis of this series.

Now, if I may ask, what is the worth of your worship?