Working With God’s Schedule

When God makes a promise He always keeps it. Always. He never fails.

However, He doesn’t operate with human calendar or schedule.
He doesn’t operate on our terms. He operates on His own terms, with His own schedule. Because He is the Soveregn Lord.

God is never in hurry. After all, He is eternal and lives forever. So, He is not bound by time and space as we are.

Yet, He is never late as men count lateness.

With all this in mind, you can see that in walking with this God, we need to be extremely patient.

Deep within you, you already know this. God will do it in His own time. Which is the best time for you. But you feel as though you can’t afford to wait; as though you’re running out of time.

No. You’re not running out of time. You just need the the help of the Holy Spirit to hold on, in spite of what appears to be a delay. Without His help, you’ll definitely give up and miss the glory.

God forbid!

Peace be with your heart right now in Jesus name.