With Colour Comes Conspiracies

You are about to move into one of the most glorious seasons so far in your life. Amazing things are about to erupt all around you. Favours. Blessings. Miracles. Testimonies.

So, be expectant.

However, perils abound. This is not a call to fear, though. Instead, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. It is a call to spiritual wisdom. A call to draw closer to your Strong Tower. To the Lord Himself.

Do not be careless. What God is about to do in your life will draw envy. Envy will lead to conspiracies and plots. Remember Joseph. Remember Daniel. Remember our Lord Himself.

Especially our Lord Himself. He was divine. Practically indestructible. Yet He was never careless. He never tempted His Father. He walked circumspectly.

Here, for instance.

John 7:1 NIV
After this, Jesus went around in Galilee. He did not want to go about in Judea because the Jewish leaders there were looking for a way to kill him.

He avoided danger. He was sensitive to plots against His life. And He took wise measures to avoid falling into the traps of His foes.

If the Only Begotten Son Of God, God Incarnate Himself took such precautions against the wiles of His enemies, shouldn’t mere mortals like you and I be even more careful?

Your life is about to get more colourful. But with colour comes conspiracies. And I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide, protect, and preserve you in Himself.

In Jesus Name.