Wildfire Retreat 2019 Starts Today!

Hello Blissfuls!

Thank you for all your cheerful and generous offerings during yesterday’s Financial Favour Friday. The Holy Spirit will continue to multiply and increase you beyond all measures in Jesus name.

The annual end of the year Wildfire Retreat starts today, Saturday December 21 at the Holy Place. The retreat will continue everyday till January 5, 2020.

Each day of the retreat, Blissfuls will gather at the Holy Place from 9:00am UTC+01 in the morning till evening. Other’s will join from their designated meeting places in other countries.

All participants will be fasting during the entire period.

There will be deep and intense communion with the Holy Spirit, in-depth bible discussions, and revelatory teachings, among other powerful sessions.

I understand that all the participating Blissfuls are already super excited and full of expectations. So am I.

During this time with You, Precious Holy Spirit, please take us into the heart of our Heavenly Father, and reveal yourself to us like never before. In Jesus name.