Ask Rev: Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayer Faster?

If I understand you correctly, you said some things to a person you call God, and till now this fellow is yet to respond. Right?

Now, let me ask you five questions:

  • Do you really sincerely believe there’s such a person?
  • Have you met this individual in person?
  • How did you meet him?
  • Who is he to you?
  • And why must he give you what you asked for—does He owe you anything?

I ask these questions because, normally, when you say something to a real person, you expect a response. And when you don’t get that response, you get in touch with that person to find out why.

Unless, of course, that person doesn’t really exist. Maybe someone or some people told you about this person, but you have no idea whether he’s real or not.

Which means you’re simply gambling. You’re just shooting the breeze and blindly hoping something good will come out of it.

I think you should start with the basics: Do you really know this person? Are you honestly interested in meeting him personally and building a relationship together?

If the answer is yes, then say this out loud to the empty space around you:

“Dear God, it’s about time. If you really exist, please show yourself to me. I’m very serious.”