Why Didn’t Jesus say Thank You?

In the post, this is just so shocking to me, we saw a puzzling behavior on the part of Jesus towards Simon of Cyrene; the one person that arguably rendered the greatest help to Him at the time of His extreme weakness and frailty.

We could say that Simon of Cyrene more than anybody else in this world helped Jesus. He helped Jesus at a very critical point of Jesus’ life when He couldn’t move anymore, when He needed help the most. His assistance came at a very critical point in Jesus’ where He couldn’t do anything.

He stood in the gap for Jesus. He lifted up that cross. It was painful. It was heavy. And he carried it up the hill of Golgotha; not for himself, but for Jesus. Yet Jesus didn’t even say thank you.

Now that’s uncharacteristic of Jesus!

So I kept wondering why? Why didn’t Jesus say thank you? He could have blessed Simon — like he commended the woman that poured the alabaster jar of very expensive perfume His feet. “Verily, I say unto you, wheresoever this Gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman had done, be told for a memorial of her,” He said to her.

Jesus always commended people and appreciated what they did for Him. So we would have expected that this man who did more for Jesus than anybody else, would have received a corresponding accolade from Jesus. The least anyone would have expected Jesus to have done would have been to say, ‘thank you for what you did, and because of this …”

The best blessing, the greatest blessing, I would imagine, should have gone to Simon of Cyrene.

But no; not even a single word was said to him!