Who You Should Marry

To have a godly home and raise godly kids, you have to be personally established in the ways of the Lord before your kids can follow suit. Your family should be built on the solid foundation of the principles of God’s word; and you should be well grounded in them. These principles should form your paradigm.

The next important step is that you should find someone else who is also grounded in the same ways of the Lord. If as a young man who has a healthy walk with God and wants to build a family, you go out there and hook up with somebody that is crazy, you are introducing disaster into the equation of your family. Do not marry someone whose beliefs and values are not identical to yours. To do so is to court disaster. Please pay attention to this: You shouldn’t marry anyone on any other basis except that they believe the same things you believe, the same person you believe, and for the same reason you believe.

Do not marry for the sake of business, beauty, wealth, material things, and all the other reasons people get into marriage. Your partner should be someone who believes what you believe, or have a child-like disposition to what you do. They may not have been exposed to the same information or truth, but you have tested and proven that they have the same childlike attitude to believe the same thing if it is revealed to them.

A lot of folks ignore the above and make a mess of their families and relationships. A lot of homes are filled with misery because those who started the union in the first place, married for the wrong reasons. The atmosphere in these homes doesn’t make for raising godly children. Prevention, as they say, is better and cheaper than cure; take time to be established in God and marry a partner who is too.