Who is A Consecrated One?

“Gather to me my consecrated ones,
who made a covenant with me by sacrifice.”

~Psalm 50:5

To everyone that’s involved in the ongoing Call for Consecration—based on the verse above—this message is for you. It is written to sharpen your discernment of who is truly a Consecrated One.

The Five Fundamental Rules That Define A Consecrated One

Ever since I started writing about my mission to the Consecrated Ones, I have received several emails from people claiming to belong among the Consecrated Ones to whom God Almighty sent me. On one hand, I found it interesting that people would email in such claims. On the other hand, I noticed that practically everyone that wrote to me assumed an understanding of what I meant by the Consecrated Ones; actually, they didn’t.

At least, five fundamental rules define a Consecrated One.

#1. Chosen By God

The first of the fundamental rules that define a Consecrated One is that he or she was chosen by God Himself. Not everyone is, or can be a Consecrated One. You’re not a consecrated one just because you think you are, or claim to be; or even because you want to or chose to be.

Just as, for instance, no one can claim to be an elected official independent of being voted in by a majority of legitimate voters, personal choice is not enough to make one a Consecrated One. A Consecrated One is a matter of God’s choice, God’s design, and God’s grace. It starts and ends with God.

#2. Chosen In Christ

The second of the fundamental rules that define a Consecrated One is that he or she was chosen in Christ—that is, set apart from everyone else that’s in Christ. A sincere childlike faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ definitely includes one in Christ’s Body; makes one a part of His Church; a nation of priests called out from the world.

However, from amongst all that are in Christ, Consecrated Ones were chosen and further set apart. They are priests among priests; a tribe of priests within a nation of priests.

In short, Consecrated Ones are to the Body of Christ what the Levites were to the nation of Israel.

#3. Chosen Before The Creation Of The World

The third of the fundamental rules that delineate a Consecrated One is that he or she was already chosen before the creation of the world. So, before they were born into this world, God had already set them apart as ‘accursed’ things; and reserved them for Himself. He made that choice before time.

Are they aware of their consecration from the very moment of birth? Not necessarily; some know, others don’t; and there are varying degrees of awareness of their pre-creation consecration.

Nevertheless, certain societies with well developed spiritual awareness are able to detect the mark of consecration on a child right after birth, or even before that. The native priests of the community where my humanity made its entrance knew of my consecration at least forty two years in advance; my biological mother knew of it six months in advance; and the minister that dedicated me knew right away as he carried the little baby in his arms—this, however, is a relatively uncommon occurrence.

In any case, the consciousness of consecration is imbedded in the Consecrated One, even if they are not initially aware of it.
Then in time God makes them aware of His choice, and enables them to walk in it—provided that they are willing to submit to His choice, His design, and His grace.

#4. Chosen To Be Holy And Blameless

The fourth of the fundamental rules that define a Consecrated One is that he or she was chosen to be holy and blameless—that is, to be unequivocally available at all times for God’s exclusive use.

And this is the essential purpose of consecration. A Consecrated One should dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his or her life on this earth. Every breath, every ounce of their strength, and every moment of their lives must be absolutely used to express the will of God in time and space.

#5. Designed With A Default Preference For ONLY God

The fifth rule of the fundamental rules that define a Consecrated One is that he or she is designed with a default preference for ONLY God. This rule of Consecration is a critical distinguishing quality of Consecrated Ones; and one that allows them to recognize themselves and their kind on the basis of their desires, interests, and preferences.

By default, a Consecrated One is far more attracted to the cross of Jesus Christ than His crown; to His shame than His glory; to His sufferings than His blessings. To the Consecrated One, the bleeding humiliated Saviour on the Cross is an extremely attractive picture. A Consecrated One sees ridicule, suffering, and dying for Jesus Christ as life’s ultimate reward.

If you’re in love with living, and scared of dying, you do not deserve a place among the Consecrated Ones. Consecrated Ones celebrate a different set of values from those of this wretched world; values that are in direct opposition to the values of this world; such values as, suffering, rejection, denials, insults, ridicule, and ultimately, death—strictly out of an eternal love for God and His Son Jesus Christ.

Anyone that believes in, follows and serves God, but to whom He is mostly a powerful means to lovely ends—you know, health, prosperity, fame, and their likes—is absolutely not a Consecrated One; such persons have no place in our nomadic clusters.

Consecrated Ones are not interested in filthy lucre. We’re not interested in being liked and accepted by this God-hating world. We regard worldly fame as disgusting; we understand that it is nothing but poisonous dung. Control and power over other human beings is utterly abhorring to us, and we shrink from it.

Instead, we desire to be truly intimate with God. We seek to know Him; to commune with Him personally and eternally. We seek to please Him always; to do what is pleasing to Him at all times even if it is torturously inconvenient for us. We seek to learn and master God’s ways and His preferences, in order that—through our own sacrificial devotion to His ways and preferences—we will preserve them among men for all time.


In summary, a Consecrated One is an individual that was chosen in Christ before the creation of the world to be holy—that is, to be unequivocally available at all times for God’s exclusive use; and whose default preference is ONLY God Himself.

The message, To The Consecrated Ones, clearly describes the true audience of this blog. Please study it carefully, again and again, to determine whether or not the message and mission of this website is for you. We really do not encourage anyone to subscribe to this blog, or even contact us, unless they are truly  convinced and have persuasive evidence that they are Consecrated Ones.

If you sincerely believe that the article ‘To The Consecrated Ones’ describes you, and are willing to be contacted and followed up by a Wildfire Missionary, you may contact us here.