Who Are You? (4) Led By The Spirit

Today I will point out another attribute of a Child of God. Many people say they are a child of God. The churches today are full of people who claim to be. So I’ve listed over the past few articles different attributes of a Child of God. This one I will show you today is very important. It is what truly sets you apart from the crowd. 

A for sure mark of a Child of God is this: being led by the Spirit. Of course Jesus is and will always be our perfect example of this. He said that He doesn’t speak on His own. Think about that for a minute. If anyone would be ok or authorized to do so I would think it would be Him. Yet He never did. He also never acted on His own. He was always completely attuned to the Spirit. 

So how do you know if you are a child of God or if the one sitting next to you is a Child of God? Well, how do you make your decisions? How do you answer different things? Are you waiting to hear from the Father or do you do what you want to do & when you want to do it? We can always grow in this area and walk perfectly in it as Jesus did. He gave us the Spirit. Oneness with Him is listening and following Him.  Today resolve to be led by the Spirit in every aspect of your life. Ask the Spirit in you to help. Bliss 💞

Romans 8:14| “For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.”