Who Are You? (1) Keys To The Kingdom

In the very beginning of the Bible you are introduced to an issue where Eve is tempted by the serpent. The way he gets at her is by doubting who she was. He says to her that if she eats of the tree then she will be like God. But just before that it tells us that God was making man in His image. So she should have said “I am like Him” and kicked the devil out of the garden but instead she listened to him. I believe the “keys” were lost then. But God had a plan.

Fast forward to the gospels when Jesus gets baptized, there God speaks through what some heard as thunder saying “this is My Son who I am very well pleased”. After that Jesus is led into the wilderness to be tempted. The first thing Satan said was “IF you are the Son of God…” Wait, IF? That right there was a statement of doubt, trying to get Him to doubt who He is. But Jesus never fell for it. 

Now let’s look at Jesus and Peter having a conversation where Jesus asks Peter who does he say that He is. Peter replying says “you are Christ, the Son of the Living God” then Jesus tells Him that the Father revealed that to him and then Peter gets a name change and the keys to the kingdom. You see, it’s in really knowing Jesus that you can know who you are and your identity is the key. It was the key that was stolen and then redeemed and when you walk in your identity as a Child of God you will have access to the kingdom of God. You will be able to bring that reality into this time and space. So today remember who you are. Walk in your identity and bring the kingdom realities into your present life here and now. 

Matthew 16:19| “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”