When The Lord Is Your Shepherd (4): He Restores and Guides You

Psalm 23:3 | “He refreshes my soul. He restores and guides me along right paths, bringing honor to His name.”

Every now and then, self gets in our way and causes us to stumble. Our errors and wandering lead us into misery. The Holy Spirit however, restores and refreshes us. He brings us back from our pitfalls and guides us into His will through His living words.

Does your life feel weary, parched, dry, confused, and needing the restoration, renewal, and guidance of the Holy Spirit? Weariness, dryness, and confusion is giving way. The Holy Spirit is renewing your strength and trust in Him, from every false confidence and deceitful refuge.

Nothing can separate you from His love. Nothing can ever pluck you out of His hand. May He keep you from wandering far from Him. May He restore and refresh you, and lead you along life’s path, for the honour of His name. Amen!