When The Lord Is Your Shepherd (3): He Makes You

Psalm 23:2 | “He makes me lie down in green pastures.”

God is our ABBA. He is our life source. Everything we’ll ever need, or be in this life derives from Him. Struggle, misery, and frustration set in when we attempt to make ourselves. The prodigal son had access to his father’s wealth, but wanted independence and self reliance.

When we, as sons, stray from divine boundaries, we begin to drag food with pigs. The earth is the Lord’s. He is our maker. As our source, everything flows from Him.

Precious Holy Spirit. You are the One that bestows glory on us, and lifts our head from shame. Deliver us from our own struggles, and from the distractions and allurement of the world. Help us to stick with You as our maker, and embrace Your help today. Amen!