When The Lord Is Your Shepherd (1): He Leads You

Psalm 23:1a | “The Lord Is My Shepherd.”

The Holy Spirit showed me stuff from Psalm 23, that I’d be sharing with us in the short series ahead. The first thing He taught me is that bliss is the byproduct of a life completely led by the Holy Spirit. To live blissfully, the Lord has to be your Shepherd.

The primary responsibility of a good shepherd is safety and welfare of the flock. When the Lord is your Shepherd, when His voice guides you, you are bound to experience plenty, refreshing, peace, restoration, and divine guidance.

Jesus said, ‘no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.’ That means that no one can fully experience the manifestations of the Holy Spirit unless he is completely submitted to, and led by Him. May the Lord help us to die to the flesh, and give us the grace to follow His leading per time.