What’s The Point?

The prophet Elijah became depressed when he was confronted by the threats from Queen Jezebel despite his spectacular display of miracles. Jezebel vowed to destroy Elijah because he killed all the prophets and worshippers of Baal.

So when Elijah told God, “I have had enough; take my life; I am no better than my ancestors,” he was essentially saying, “What’s the point in all these supernatural manifestations in my life if I’m about to be killed by a woman.”

What’s the point in supernaturally locking up the sky for three and half years? It was wonderful, amazing and admirable, but what’s the point?

Yes I called down fire from heaven. I brought down fire from heaven in the presence of the king and the rest of the Israelites. It was awesome but what’s the point?

I killed all the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. I slaughtered them all, but what’s the point?

I prayed to God and the rain came back. I ran all the way like an eagle to Jezreel ahead of the man on chariots but what’s the point in all these supernatural manifestations?”

Elijah expected a significant spiritual transformation in Israel. And I imagine that he wondered at the point in all these phenomenal manifestations if it could not create tangible and credible change in his nation? I believe that that was what was going on in his mind.

I imagine that what Elijah pictured in his mind was that if all these things happened, if he locked up the heavens for three and half years, and brought down the fire of God from heaven, it would make the people think twice; particularly, Jezebel. It would make them change their minds. It would cause them to turn from their evil ways and embrace the God of Elijah.

However, none of that happened; so, frustrated and scared, the man wondered, “what was the point?”