What’s The Point? (4)

We are really digging into this, I’m enjoying it and I hope you are too. Thank you again for your feedback. Today I want to introduce another piece to our puzzle of creation. It’s this: free will. 

So far we have seen that God did this so the “perhaps” we would seek Him. Also that He is “searching” for loyalty. Now the words “perhaps” and “search” are not “knowing” words. Follow me for a moment. If the All-knowing God wants to let something play out on its own 100% without interfering with the outcome then He would have to choose to not “know”. Otherwise He would be the One doing it. Right? 

I think this is why He chose and made us to have free will. So that He will not fully “know” or “interfere” with the outcome. For the outcome to be your choice completely. Like He says in one place that He will “remember no more”. So in His Sovereignty He has chose to “hide” this from Himself. Same as He chose to “forget” their sins. In this way He can really let the choice be yours. 

Hebrews 8:12| “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.”

Please feel free to comment your thoughts on free-will. Bliss be with you 💖