What’s in a name?

It is twenty more days to the experience of a lifetime awaiting us – the Festival Of Home Churches 2010. Practically at Excellence Home Church now, that is all we talk about and plan toward.

In this week’s meeting, we took a fresh look at our name ‘Excellence Home Church. The different home churches have various inspiring names that reflect the different dimensions of God and what we stand for at Citizens Family Worship Ministries. We have Royalty, Ideal, Infinity and more recently, Faith Home Churches.

One may ask ‘what’s in a name?’

And we answer ‘it is a reflection of one’s identity and essence’. Even God was careful to remark on this when Moses asked for His name. God answered  ” I AM THAT I AM”  because no single name can express all of Him [Exodus 3].

The bible is replete with stories of how people lived out scripts dictated by their names. I won’t fail to mention Jacob who was famous as a trickster. In his later days, God had to change his name to Israel, and consequently his life took a turn for the better [Genesis 30-32].

We have been called to showcase the excellence of our God. The fourth chapter of the book of Second Corinthians assures us that God has given us all we need to carry out this great task.

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

We mused at the above quote and resolved to apply it to our personal lives and every single preparation that we are making towards the Festival Of Home Churches 2010; so that anyone watching us can not but exclaim ‘ excellence is truly their lifestyle’.

God bless you.

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