What’s In A Name?

I will define the fourth letter in PRUNE— N as Name. 

BIBLE STUDY| Matthew 2:9| “…and gave him the name above all other names,

Names are important. They are like a prophetic declaration over you and it is identifying you with something or someone. Ultimately it is declaring your destiny.

There are names that are above others names. Not every name is good. That’s why in the Bible God often changed peoples names before He changed their situation. 

In your life you may have been called names like: stupid, worthless, lazy, etc.

It’s very important as you move forward that you allow the Spirit to PRUNE away any name that is not from God! 

Then begin to declare who God says you are! 

What’s in a name?!
It can bring you fame or shame. 
It’s time break away from every weight,
Don’t worry it’s not too late.
God changed Abram to Abraham,
Then next thing you know, his life changed— BAM! 
It’s time to go to a new place,
It’s time for Him to change your case. 
No more word curses lying,
No more walking around dying.
It’s time to come alive!
Time to recognize.
Who He has made you to be, 
The Name is the key! 

As you discover who you are, your name will change. How you see yourself will change. How others see you will change. 


I am His. 

I am loved! 

I am prosperous!

I am can do ALL things through Him!