What’s Dancing Got To Do With My Breakthrough?

Yesterday I told us to dance—to praise the Lord in the dance.

It’s an ongoing instruction. Bring more joy, laughter, shouting, jumping, dancing in your life.

Stop being too serious and carrying your problems on your face.

Life is like a river. It’s fluid and flowing. It’s fleeting and passing. Don’t waste it with worries.

Like I told us yesterday, don’t wait for all your problems to go away before you can start playing and dancing. It’s all about making the choice and sticking to it no matter what.

And you know, lots of times the instructions of the Holy Spirit don’t make any sense. You might be wondering, what’s dancing got to do with my breakthrough?

Well, find out! Do the thing and you will see the power.

Naaman the leprous Syrian general was told to wash seven times in the muddy Jordan River. He threw a fit for a while. Fortunately saner minds prevailed and he did it.

He came out like a baby! Leprosy completely gone.

What are you even waiting for?
Start dancing and keep dancing!