What We Believe

Don’t be concerned about impressing people. Remove your focus from the applause. Don’t fix your attention on the accolades, and all of that. We’ve adopted this paradigm in our ministry. It’s not about crowds anymore, it’s about the message. We’ve zeroed in on the fact that we want to speak to people’s minds and help them embrace their divinity.

The world needs to hear our message. They need to act in line with our message. They need to respond to our message.

We believe that you are unique.

We believe that you should walk in your own personal truth.

We believe that you should see God for yourself and not be manipulated by others.

We believe that you are a unique variety of divinity.

Ours is a message of freedom. It’s a message of transformation.

When we think in terms of the message — in terms of making sure that the seven billion minds on this planet receive the message and are transformed by it — we always pause to ask at each point when we’re doing something, “What’s the point here? How does it create the kind of reality that we want to see?”

I encourage you to do the same in your endeavours. Every now and then,  pause, detach from what is going on and ask yourself, ‘What’s the point?’

God bless you.