What To Do While You Wait

Exodus 15:21-22 MSG | “Miriam led them in singing, ‘Sing to God — what a victory! He pitched horse and rider into the sea!

Moses led Israel from the Red Sea on to the Wilderness of Shur. They travelled for three days through the wilderness without finding ANY water.”

Exodus 15 starts with Moses, Miriam – his sister, and the rest of the Israelites rejoicing over the great victory God gave them. They had just crossed the Red Sea as if on dry ground, while their enemies drowned.

Immediately after basking in the joy of victory, they were hit by thirst and drought in the wilderness. Unfortunately, they responded by grumbling against Moses and God. In life, you will find yourself in moments where you are waiting for the manifestations of God’s word in your life. What do you do while you wait?

The Holy Spirit answered this question for me. He said to tell you : “Thank God for past victories while you wait.” Gratitude shortens your waiting period. David understood this and kept his victory over the lion and the bear in front of him while confronting Goliath.(1 Samuel 17:36-37) Alas, the Israelites chose to murmur and complain whenever they hit rough spots. If only they had remained grateful for their mighty deliverance from Egypt. Eventually, God became tired of their constant grumbling and that generation perished in the desert. Do not be like them. Choose gratitude while you wait.