What to do when you can’t believe

wd post 1According to Jesus Christ, in Mark 9:15-27, “everything is possible for him who believes.”

I’d like you to reflect on the phrase ‘for him’ for a while.

For him: that is to say that this individual – the one that believes – is exempted from other people’s ‘realities’. For others, certain occurrences may be impossible, but for the one that believes, everything is possible; s/he operates in a realm where anything s/he wants simply happens.

Jesus was basically saying that "for me, and all others in my class, there are no limits, because we believe."

Everything is possible for him who believes – that is, believing transports you into the realms of unlimited possibilities.

There is a realm of living that is only accessible through believing. Its a place where your dreams come alive, and your imaginations become your experiences.

Everything is possible for him who believes.

However, what if you are trying to, but are not able to believe? What if, in spite of your best efforts, your heart is still filled with doubts?

Should you then resign to a life of limitations, failures, and frustrations?

Oh no! A million times no.

At such moments, you should humble yourself before God and cry, "Lord, help me overcome my unbelief!"

The time of doubts and unbelief – and we all have it – is not a time to quit; it’s not a time for pretense and denial; and it’s definitely not a time to ‘form macho’ before God.

Whenever you are assailed by doubts about God’s ability to fulfill His promises in your life, just fall before Him in humility and cry, "Lord, help me overcome my unbelief!"

When you do that, you unlock His own faith to go to work on your behalf – that is, His faith goes to work for you, in spite of your unbelief; and that’s the realm of instant miracles.

Are you struggling to believe God’s words?

No problems. He has provided a way to intervene in your life even if you are filled with doubts.

What to do when you can’t believe? Just say "Lord, help me overcome my unbelief!"