What Inspires You?

I asked my wife this question last night.

We were reviewing the content of my sermon on Sunday which was on the subject of self discovery. She wanted to know more about herself.

It was a period to also reflect on our lives with the intention of knowing more about ourselves and ultimately being able to optimize our potentials and capacities.

While waiting for her to gather her thoughts together to be able to answer the question, I thought of my own answers too! Well, I came up with this brief list:

  1. Browsing the internet – researching, online socializing, blogging (and all the thousands of activities that fall under this!!)
  2. Watching cable tv – news, current affairs, documentaries, and inspiring movies
  3. A beautiful environment.

In the meantime, she had come up with some of her own:

  1. Going out to a great restaurant and having a good time
  2. Observing nature – the sea, the sunset, forests, and so on

As we discussed, I had an idea…

…to ask you the same question! (He he he)

So what inspires you?
(By that I mean, what activity is it that you enjoy doing so much, and which every time you are engaged in it, raises the level of your energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.)
Leave your comments and thoughts below. If you have a blog on issues related to self discovery, leave a link in your comment.

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