What are you very good at?

What are you very good at?

This is a very important question because it helps you discover yourself .

I actually stumbled into this awareness.

As a pastor of a small Church in the University town of Nsukka, in South Eastern Nigeria, I felt like the congregation was bored with my Sunday sermons.
The reason for that was rooted in my own experience of boredom during Sunday sermons as a Junior Seminary student. I was so tormented by the boredom of Sunday sermons that I actually resorted to reading novels during Sunday sermons!

When I eventually found myself in the ‘undesirable’ position of pastoring my first church at the age of 23, I vowed never to bore any congregation with my sermons.
However, each Sunday, as I gazed into the faces of the people listening to me, I felt like I saw boredom! So I wanted to change everything. I wanted to make the services more interesting and exciting.

My first instinct was to reduce the sermon time to 25 minutes per service mainly because I felt that I was not very good at preaching. I also thought that the 45 minutes I was using was too much. I preferred an increase in the time allocated to music. Actually, I felt I was more of a pianist and singer, than a preacher. So my plan was to reduce the sermon time to 25 minutes and then increase the music and variety show times during each service.
The plan seemed good.

But another thought came.
Why not ask for the opinion of the congregation? Ask them what they wanted in the service.
This also made sense to me.
So we decided to create a questionnaire designed to survey the attitude of the members towards the various elements of the Sunday service.

The questionnaire contained one primary question, among others, which was this:
Which is your most interesting aspect of the Sunday worship service?
We asked the people to limit their answers to 5 items and to list them in a descending order of preference.

I didn’t think the questionnaire was going to alter my plan in any way. In fact, I needed it just to confirm what I felt I already knew.
The result, however, was shocking.

Over 90 people returned their questionnaires and the result was something like this:

  • Members who listed ‘Pastor’s preaching’ between no 1 & 3 = 85%!
  • Members who listed ‘Pastor’s preaching’ among their 5 most preferred aspects of the service = 100%!

I was literarily shocked by the result of the survey. All the questionnaires were filled anonymously and all the members had over two weeks to fill and submit their questionnaires. So I was sure that the answers submitted were accurate reflections of how the members perceived my work.

I was not just shocked, I had a revelation!
It was self discovery – a revelation of what I was good at.
Up until that time, I never even imagined that I was good at preaching. The thought that anyone could actually enjoy my sermons never crossed my mind.
Actually, as a direct consequence of that survey, we increased my preaching time to 1hr each Sunday and saw the attendance of the church increase by over 40% in a matter of weeks!

I was good at talking, teaching, and preaching; and I didn’t even know it.

What are you very good at?

Like I pointed out, the answer to this question helps you discover yourself.
Now, do not for one moment think that the answer to that question is obvious, because often times it isn’t.
As a matter of fact, if you are very good at something, you probably won’t know. This is because it’ll most likely be something that you do absent mindedly. It’s such a part of you and you are so good at it that you do it automatically without any conscious thought or effort, and you do it so well.

But do you know that what you are very good at will:

  • Attract more people to you? After all, is this not what they’ll probably admire the most about you?
  • Attract more resources and favors to you? Whatever attracts people to you will attract what people have!

In other words, what you are very good at has the potential to make you richer, wealthier, more successful, faster and easier.

Do you know what it is?
What are you very good at?

If you know, good.
If you don’t, do what I did. In fact, do what you do every morning – looking at yourself in the mirror.
Just that this time, that mirror might be other people that are around you, who know you intimately and who associate, relate, or work with you:

  • Your family members – spouse, siblings, and so on.
  • Your colleagues in the office.
  • Your course mates and classmates.
  • Your group members in the Church.
  • And so on, and so forth.

Simply ask them, “What do you like the most about me? What is it about me that most attracts you to me?”

You might be as shocked as I was with what you find out.
Better still, it might be a revelation that creates dynamic life adjustments that takes you to a whole new level of success and achievements.
Take the time today to discover yourself by knowing what you are very good at.

So, if I may ask, what are you very good at?

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Wow!!! I never really thought to ask anyone about that. That’s a real eye opener for sure 🙂 But I know deep down that I am good at Creative Communication through my hands and signing gospel. But I’m curious what they think. I love that concept, ask them and see what they think… Thanks for sharing this Pastor Favour & God Bless 🙂


what if I do not have anybody to ask?

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Jim Spaulding
Jim Spaulding

Thank you pastor,
This was a very well written post. Your words do ring true here. You have given me food for thought.
Jim Spaulding


What a wonderful idea! Just ask those around us….looking in the mirror.


Big eye opener! Whenever I feel down in the dumps I try to think of my good points…