What A Wonderful Opportunity!

To all my Blissful People who are loved by the Holy Spirit and chosen to be special to Him. 💕

We’re now counting down to the upcoming July Fast.

Remember: Fasting will start July 10th, and continue till July 12. And the theme is: The Holy Spirit Said.

The Holy Spirit is our Leader, Helper and Guide. But He is also our Sweetheart and Darling. And He has invited us into His inner chambers to commune deeply and intimately with Him through this dedicated season of fasting.

What a wonderful opportunity!

I urge each of us to take full advantage of this opportunity. No excuses, please. Everyone of us should fast. The grace to do so has already been poured out on us. So, no excuses.

The goal of this fast is to see, to touch, and to hear the Holy Spirit in a very personal way.

My prayer for each one of us is that during this fast, we will see the Holy Spirit. We will touch the Holy Spirit. And we will hear the Holy Spirit.

During the three days of the fast, I will go live on Facebook at exactly 6:pm to lead us in prayers. (That is, 6:00pm Nigeria, 12:00noon Louisiana. And so on.)

This prayer session will last for at least 1hr each day. So, load up your data and block that time off for the prayers.

I’m so excited and looking forward to this fast! It will be awesome and life changing.

Are you excited and expectant?