Welcome To 2022

This year will be full of contradictions.
On the one hand I see tremendous darkness; so thick it makes me shudder in terror.
Yet, in the midst of it, the light is so bright and many are radiant and shining and rising in the light.
May you rise in the light.
May you sing and rejoice and dance in the light.

I see a challenging year.
Very difficult and challenging.
2022 will be extremely challenging for most.
But I’m praying for you now for the help of the Lord to weather every storm without being crushed.
May you not be drowned by the coming waves of adversities.
Rather may they propel you to success and excellence, in Jesus name.

And even now, I dare to pray for divine favours over you and your.
I pray for a covering of grace upon you and your household.

Sadly, I see collisions in the air.
Crashes in the air.
It’s carrying some very important people.
But I’m praying against it.
May the Lord have mercy upon us all.
Especially on all among us that will travel in the clouds.
Holy Spirit protect us all. In Jesus name.

This will be the best year for some people.
In a very surprising way.
You were prepared for the worst, because of what you’ve been going through so far.
But surprisingly, and shockingly, you will have an extraordinarily blessed year.

I see some new babies.
People that have waited for over 10 years, some for less, will be shocked with new babies.
I also see some unexpected babies.

I see a very dark shadow lurking.
A strange and destructive diagnosis.
I am praying for you at this time for the mercy of God.
May the Holy Spirit protect us all from this strange evil and debilitating disease rising from the graveyards. In Jesus name.

I can see new connections coming into your life this year.
Not all of them are that great.
So I pray for God’s protection over your life.
I pray against poisonous darts and arrows launched against you.
May the Lord shield you with His wisdom and spiritual discernment.
May those that were sent from Satan against your destiny this year not find you. In Jesus name.

Many are running helter skelter, to and from.
Turmoil in the land.
Things that will cause panic will abound.
May the Lord protect you.