Welcome the Holy Spirit

A lot of Christians including pastors and churches today are embroiled in a lot struggles and toil. Instead of the signs and wonders promised in God’s word, what unfortunately holds sway in their lives is stress and more stress. The reason for this is simple: Folks are so busy chasing these signs and wonders with their human ingenuity that they end up with stress. When the gifts become more important than the Giver, struggling and walking in ways of the world become inevitable.

So I urge you right now to invite the Holy Spirit into your life as your guide. Let the Holy Spirit be the Managing Director of your life. Allow the Holy Spirit to be your Senior Partner. Invite Him into your life and affairs this moment.

When the Holy Spirit becomes your Director, you can’t miss your way; true success becomes guaranteed. Ask Him to be your Director. Ask Him to be your Guide. The Holy Spirit is right there with you. However, He needs to be given a chance; He needs to be given the opportunity to do His work.

The Holy Spirit wants you to step out of the natural plane. As you obey His directions, folks will marvel at you because they won’t understand your methods. They’ll say, “This is not how to get this type of result. How come it’s working for you?” And while they are busy marveling at you, you will be evolving from one level of glory to another in Jesus name.